Prolungamento di Via Matarrese 258/E
70124, Bari
Tel. +39 080 9149570


The location of this service has made it very appealing in terms of its proximity as much for major Italian companies as for leading Swiss companies (where the Group is well established), or for German and French companies, where the FINCONS GROUP has expanded its business in recent years.
Many different companies of various sizes and sectors have entrusted the Delivery Center with their Application Management and/or system building services for the development of turnkey solutions.
The high quality and competitiveness of the service, combined with its security, reliability and well-defined monitoring tools, have broken down the barriers to outsourcing IT services. The Group strong collaboration and relationships with clients have been a winning combination in all projects, providing a service that truly meets client’s needs.


Technological expertise

  • Cutting-edge, market-related technological skills
  • Group established methodology that allows the effective optimisation of the software production process
  • Continuous investment in innovation to guarantee constant growth in technology and processes


 Smart-shore model

  • Same time zone
  • Cultural proximity: planning and operational mindset
  • Engagement of resources for the company: minimum turnover to guarantee continuity and quality for the client
  • Established methodology: proximity to the client through the onsite presence of a Project Manager, along with dedicated remote teams

High quality and competitive costs

  • Competitive cost of living compared with standards in other countries and areas
  • Focus on staff training
  • Dedicated onsite and/or remote work teams
  • Close links with the region and local universities established through the FINCONS GROUP Academy, which offers classroom courses and ‘on the job’ training programmes for young graduates, who are subsequently integrated into working groups
  • Continuous Group investments in training and language courses