FINCONS GROUP inaugurates FINCONS GROUP Academy, the I.T. Business School located in Bari and in Milan (Vimercate).

The continuous Group commitment in human resources training finds its goal even in the development of excellent professionals for market needs; for this reason FINCONS GROUP starts up FINCONS GROUP Academy, the I.T. Business School located in Bari and in Milan (Vimercate).

FINCONS GROUP Academy aims to train professionals specialized in application development and in business processes areas. The school meets the needs of the companies requiring professionals who, in addition to specific skills that should be responsible (buying and production processes, administration and finance, management control), have the adequate knowledge of the information system.

FINCONS GROUP Academy closely linked to the territory and the university world, besides being an opportunity for graduates to enhance their training, especially provides a concrete experience to enter in the working world.
In particular it trains professionals who are:

  • the best interface between the actors of the business processes and IT experts who manage the infrastructure composed of systems, network and software;
  • experts in the specific solutions development.

FINCONS GROUP ACADEMY offers courses and training on the job programs, which provide:

  • high standards of specialized training on different technologies,
  • experienced teachers in business processes areas,
  • interesting and effective relations with the working world.

FINCONS GROUP Academy is addressed to young graduates in business management and graduates in science who want to acquire the necessary knowledge to configure the more advanced software or to learn more about programming languages.

The I.T. Business School in addition to aim the training of target specialized resources, create real job opportunities thanks to training on the job sessions during the course program.