Research & Innovation Projects

FINCONS GROUP has joined a number of Research and Innovation projects, co-funded by Local Authorities, National Government and the European Commission.



  • FI-CONTENT2 (FP7): boosts the development of services and applications in social connected TV, smart cities and pervasive games. FINCONS has developed two multiscreen HbbTV applications to enhance viewers’ involvement in sports events and interactive advertising.
  • FI-SPACE (FP7): drives cross-industry collaboration and integration in transportation, logistics and agro-food to develop and validate new cooperative Web solutions. FINCONS has developed a set of mobile and Web applications to respond to transportation demand and track vehicles in real time on a map.
  • RADICAL (CIP): the project is set to open new horizons in the development and deployment of interoperable social networking and IoT services in Smart Cities, setting up a new ICT platform, which gathers services that can be flexibly and successfully customized and replicated across multiple cities. FINCONS is developing a set of applications to monitor and raise awareness about noise pollution in Smart Cities. On line is available the project borchure.
  • PSYMBIOSYS (H2020) is designed to increase the competitive edge of European manufacturing industries by developing tools to promote cross-unit collaboration.
  • BEinCPPS (H2020) is designed to integrate and experiment a Cyber Physical Systems-oriented, Future Internet-based, machine-factory-cloud service platform in five selected regions (Lombardy in Italy, Euskadi in Spain, Baden Wuertemberg in Germany, Norte in Portugal, Rhone Alpes in France), involving local competence centers and SMEs. The aim of the project is to dramatically improve the adoption of CPPSs across Europe by creating, nurturing and expanding CPS-driven regional innovation ecosystems, bringing together competence centers, manufacturing companies and IT SMEs.
  • MPAT (H2020): developing HbbTV applications from scratch requires considerable resources. This is why they are often simply too costly for single formats or shows. MPAT is the solution. In line with a WordPress-like technical and business approach, MPAT makes application development affordable and sustainable, while creating a new eco-system for content creators, theme, and plug-in developers alike. With MPAT, media companies can semi-automatically author their set of customized applications, which are then populated with content by the editorial staff or by linking MPAT to existing content management solutions. The open-source MPAT core will provide all the essential features to create compelling multi-screen experiences for HbbTV and other HTML5-based devices. On line is available the project brochure.
  • ABC-DJ (H2020) seeks to provide European audio branding designers with sophisticated ICT support tools to help them offer premium branding services and products and successfully compete against the big players, regardless of size. In addition, European creators of music, (independent) labels, as well as their respective multipliers, will become part and parcel of the audio branding value chain and benefit from the monetization of their works (in-store music).
  • CITADEL: is focused on transforming the public sector to make more efficient, inclusive and citizen-centric public services that identify/capture new or unsatisfied needs more quickly and satisfy them more effectively and in an inclusive way, providing also guidelines and features to support new processes.
  • PRODUCER: will improve the creation, presentation and effectivity of documentary features by offering tools and support for all the relevant stages and developing innovative Broadcasting solutions based on technologies such as: metadating, sentiment analysis, video360 and HbbTV (Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV). 

  • symbIoTe (symbiosis of smart objects across IoT environments): the project aims to implement IoT platform federations so that they can securely interoperate, collaborate and share resources for the mutual benefit, and what is more, support the migration of smart objects between various IoT domains and platforms, i.e., “smart object roaming”. symbIoTe will achieve all of the above by designing and implementing an Open Source mediation prototype by providing an abstraction layer for a “unified view” on various platforms and their resources so that platform resources are transparent to application designers and developers.
  • Content4ALL: the project aims to create a photorealistic 3D human avatar for sign-interpreted content creation, to enable the low-cost personalization of content for the hearing impaired with no disruption to hearing viewers, to develop the necessary technologies and algorithms to achieve automatic sign-translation capabilities. 
  • ECOLOOP: the scope of the project is to make possible the full reuse of wastewater for irrigation, involving all the actors of reuse: from the water service management authority to the distribution cooperative up to farms, providing them with the necessary technological tools' irrigation in full security, respecting and increasing production targets. Two systems will be implemented: one dedicated to plant managers, where it will be possible to manage irrigation, be constantly informed of incoming quality analyzes, manage fertigation and much more.



  • ENERGY ROUTER (Apulia Regional Authority): the project is designed to seek, develop, test, prototype and demonstrate the viability of an innovative solution to manage and control small-sized (<100kW) smart grids for residential, commercial and service applications. 
  • Health@Home (Ministry of Education, Universities and Research): the project is designed to provide assistance to the community through a network of integrated health and social care services and interoperable devices/systems.
  • Italian region of Puglia:The Italian region of Puglia has granted Fincons Group approval to invest in a ‘smart manufacturing’ project providing services to clients across Europe.