Public Administration
Taxation management based on fiscal business income

Development of a custom-specific information system to manage corporate taxation of fiscal business income, namely IRES (Italian Corporate Income Tax) and IRAP (Italian Regional Tax on Productive Activities)

Server consolidation

The Information System of one of the Italian government’s most important organisations has grown considerably in recent years as a result of the growing role played by information technology in Central Public Administration

Information security plan

In the wake of the positive results of the server consolidation project, the government organisation that was the FINCONS’ GROUP’s customer in this project began an internal auditing process for all information system security related issues

e-Government 1

The FINCONS GROUP worked on an e-Government project for the Canton Information Technology Centre of one of the biggest Swiss Cantons aimed at supplying towns in the Canton and various public institutions (Police, Social Insurance Institute, etc.) with Internet access to CENTRALISED MASTER DATA on the POPULATION

e-Government 2

The FINCONS GROUP’s key e-Government projects include management and process automation for the District Registry Offices of one of the Swiss cantons

Re-engineering PM and IT Governance processes

The customer in this project is a public sector service company whose mission is to use information and communication technologies to improve relations between public institutions and civil society

Typical product certification

The FINCONS GROUP designed and created an IT consortium’s portal for automating the certification process for DOC/DOGC/IGT traditional local products through a telematic information exchange among companies, the chamber of commerce and the ministry (production declaration, reporting forms, consultation of registries, requests for testing, etc.)

Scholarship management

In collaboration with a national public institution, the FINCONS GROUP developed a Web/Internet application for Scholarship management and data collection the management plan of about 400 institutions.

Human Resources management

The customer in this project is a UN body which is the principal forum for cooperation among post offices with the mission of promoting the development of quality, effective, accessible postal services for all to facilitate communication among the peoples of the world