Improved digital services with CITADEL

Bari, 26th September

The CITADEL project - Empowering Citizens to Transform European Public Administration for Better Public Value, was presented on 26th September, at the Puglia Region headquarters. This project is part of the wider Horizon 2020 programme. The key objective of the three-year project is to make the Public Sector more transparent and collaborative, encouraging involvement and participation among public, private and civil organisations in developing efficient, targeted and user-friendly services.

Fincons Group is taking part in the CITADEL project as a system integrator alongside another 11 partners which include Regione Puglia, InnovaPuglia and Tecnalia (project leader). The Puglia Region has opted to trial CITADEL in its Tourism and Heritage operations.

Fincons Group CEO, Michele Moretti, the tourism and heritage counsellor for Regione Puglia, Loredana Capone, Research and Innovation director at InnovaPuglia, Marco Di Ciano and Bari University’s Gianluigi De Gennaro all took part in the press conference to announce the initiative.

Michele Moretti declared: “Although today we are an international IT consultancy, I remain committed to giving a larger audience access to the results obtained by our business and especially to the innovation that new digital business models have enabled. Developing a platform that allows public bodies to understand and measure different citizen services and therefore to improve their attractiveness, relevance and accessibility can initiate a virtuous circle that is essential to citizen well-being.”

Improved digital services with CITADEL