Ferdinando Finazzi
Operations Support Officer - Risk Manager

Ferdinando Finazzi was born in Bergamo. In the 1983-84 academic year he graduated at Politecnico di Milano with a Degree in Electronic Engineering, specialising in computer science. He began his career working for an Italian metalworking company in the Merlin Gerin group, where he was concerned with open information systems and new technologies and was in charge of producing the company’s management information system.

In 1990 he joined the Italcementi Group as project manager in charge of IT projects for Real Estate and Human Resources Management; his responsibilities grew over the years to include managing transition of the holding company’s information system.

Finazzi began working with the FINCONS GROUP in 1998, contributing actively to the creation and development of ASCs (in 2008 merged in FINCONS S.p.A) for various technological environments in different market sectors. After covering the role of Practice Director for Italy, since 2015 he has held the position of Operations Support Officer with the responsibility to support activities of operations management according to company directives, facilitating the collaboration and coordination of business and delivery structures.

Since 2019 he has also held the role of Risk Manager, with the aim of determining and evaluating the risks associated with the system of management and security of information.