Franco Moretti
Procurement & General Services Manager - Compliance Manager - Chief Information Security Officer

Franco Moretti was born in Bari in 1955. He graduated at Bari University with a degree in Electronic Engineering in the 1982 academic year.

Moretti began his career in 1984 with Cerved of Padua and continued working in the company’s Engineering Department as an IT consultant employed on projects for a number of group companies.

In 1987 he joined SPI - Società per la Pubblicità, an Italian branch of the Swiss advertising company Publicitas, as Project Manager in charge of implementation of the company’s new information system.

Moretti has been ERP Consulting Technical Director since 1999 (company merged in 2008 in FINCONS SPA), in charge of development of best practices on the basis of SAP management solutions aimed at increasing the market share of the Group’s ERP platform. He has been also in charge of all design tasks and related services and of the certification process for SAP solutions.

In FINCONS GROUP he later has covered the role of Transportation BU Manager.

Currently, Franco Moretti has the responsibility of FINCONS GROUP Procurement Direction, that has been created with the aim to define the purchase strategy to reduce and optimize costs. Since 2015 he has been also responsible for general services as Procurement & General Services Manager. Since 2019, as Chief Information Security Offices, he has been responsible for the definition of policies and information securety stategy at company level. This function is added to compliance one, for the definition of internal control and corrective mechanisms, in addition to sensitize all company’s resources to the respect of the internal processes in accordance with the regulations in force.