Agostino Panzeri


Agostino Panzeri is one of the founding member of Consòr (the first company of FINCONS GROUP, currently incorporated in FINCONS SpA), where he started working in 1983. He gave a significant contribution to the development of the company and of the first proprietary package for assets management.

Over the years, his contribution has been crucial for the implementation of solutions dedicated primarily to warehouse area, purchasing, credit management, wages and salaries.

In FINCONS GROUP Agostino Panzeri works actively managing important customers and dealing with the evolution of some proprietary packages.

Before he started working in Consòr, Agostino Panzeri had held important positions in different market sectors, increasing his know-how in analysis and development of IT systems, ensuring a solid background for the whole FINCONS Group and its employees.

Agostino Panzeri