Fincons Group Supports the Education Rights.

Fincons closes 2017 with a significant CSR initiative for the benefit of the Senegalese population.

This new solidarity project aims to support children’s education in the municipality of Pire, a rural village that is part of the arrondissement de Pambal, in the Western part of the country. "Our objective is for education in Senegal to no longer be the privilege of a minority, but to become a right for all children," says Fincons Group CEO Michele Moretti, "Children's education is the most powerful tool for the development and growth of African countries ".

The Group's commitment is to rebuild the local school and to supply learning materials. "School means much more than just learning literacy and maths;  it brings a much wider benefit to the poorest communities promoting  social, cultural and economic development, creating the basis for a better future for the children, and for the whole village" says Francesco Moretti, Deputy CEO of Fincons Group.

This initiative is part of a broader context of corporate social responsibility that for years has seen the Group play a leading role in supporting the development and improvement of individuals and the social environment in which they live.