FINCONS GROUP: Theatre for the Company

The FinconsTekne Theatre Lab is an opportunity to develop and share personal experiences, knowledge and     re-elaborations.

The FINCONS GROUP is constantly developing its affinity with the beauty of art; in fact, over the last few years, the Group has launched a series of initiatives aimed at promoting art in its several forms and variations. Starting from planning of cultural events, all this has led to the sponsorship of theatre workshops for adolescents (ETNO project) or of other theatrical projects (SALT project).

However, the ownership has decided to go further these initiatives and gives art an even greater role in the daily working model by creating a solid workshop system. Started in 2011, on the brainchild of the wife of Michele Moretti  - FINCONS GROUP CEO: Anna Maria Delzotti, who has over twenty years experience in relation with this kind of workshops, has developed the FinconsTekne Theatre Lab as an opportunity to provide a more comprehensive development for participants. This shows how much attention the ownership places on person’s promotion, as well as on human and professional growth.