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The FINCONS GROUP’s methodology for application management and system building services provides onsite management with the client in terms of Project Management and Accounts staff. The team works closely with the Bari Delivery Center (remote governance and dedicated work teams) in a modern organised facility.

Service delivery models are adaptable to the context and specific customer requirements. These range from the more traditional to the most cutting-edge models based on AGILE principles (self-organizing cross-functional teams, adaptive planning, evolutionary development, early delivery, continuous improvement, rapid and flexible response to change) such as Scrum framework for product development management.

The Project Manager represents the reference point for the client and works to ensure the service provided, while optimising the resolution of any complex situations arising from delocalisation, thereby guaranteeing the success of the initiative.

Furthermore, the Project Manager handles the state of progress of the work by monitoring shared KPI, as well as defining with the client the nature of any problems or critical issues that emerge during the project. The Project Manager is also responsible for delegating these issues to local work teams or remotely through the Delivery Center.
The organisational structure of the Delivery Center comprises:

Governance that aims to:

  • manage and coordinate efficient operations;
  • identify opportunities to improve the quality of services;
  • compile reports on the SLA and KPI agreed with the client.

AM Service’s roles include:

  • “Single Point of Contact”, serving as the single reference point for any requests from the counterparty;
  • working as the central Help Desk in charge of gathering any requests from clients made by their users;
  • classifying the requests according to their type and priority for action and then sending them to the Delivery Center;
  • managing the state of progress of requests and compiling reports for the client.

The aim of the Delivery Center is to:

  • carry out corrective and upgrading maintenance work for the AM Service;
  • perform software development for turnkey projects;
  • support the AM service on technological and infrastructural aspects;
  • ensure the smooth operation of the technological infrastructure.

The Competence Center:

  • supports the AM Service and the Delivery Center with the FINCONS GROUP network;
  • provides methodological and documentation standards for the management of projects and the AM Service;
  • manages document archiving for various projects;
  • supports the organisation and provision of training.