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70124, Bari
Tel. +39 080 9149570

Quality and Security

The Delivery Center adopts a thorough, tested and constantly monitored methodology, which meets the quality standards expected by its clients.


The functional and technical specifications are clearly set out for users, developers and test engineers, using recognised and certified tools.


The Quality Assurance (QA) team is comprised of the same functional analysts who developed the analysis. It already understands the business needs and keeps time and costs under control.


The best code quality is guaranteed by constantly sharing the architecture, standards, naming, metrics, etc, with the client, as well as by holding monitoring sessions with the client.

The Delivery Center has highly reliable service systems:

  • a UNIX-like system protected by firewalls and solely dedicated to the functioning of AM management software and its components, which can only be accessed by the system administrator;
  • an encrypted file system and database (including backups and replicas) to guarantee the best security for data on application maintenance tickets;
  • RAID configuration disks to guarantee data redundancy and the continuity of services in the event of malfunctions or data corruption on disks;
  • automatic daily system backups, replicas of the entire system on virtual machines, which will restore service in the shortest time possible in the event of power failures or hardware damage.