Application and Projects of Cards' Market
Two Cards for the price of one

A FINCONS GROUP banking customer wished to stand out on the credit card market by offering cardholders a PRODUCT PACKAGE of two different cards for the price of one

Credit Card Requests

In order to speed up and automate mass adaptation of documentation to the customer’s INTERNET MARKETING initiatives, an operation which would otherwise be manual, the FINCONS GROUP came up with a tool for production and MANAGEMENT OF APPLICATION DOCUMENTS for requesting credit cards

Customised Credit Cards

One of the FINCONS GROUP’s projects responded to the need of a customer in the banking sector to develop a new business area for CUSTOMISATION of CREDIT CARDS using images chosen by the customer from a predefined or custom image gallery

Insurance Cover

In another Credit Card project, the FINCONS GROUP re-engineered a system supporting management of a customer service under which customers could insure their cards against risk of loss and/or theft

Credit Card Issuing

Another of the FINCONS GROUP's many banking projects involved working with a primary bank on opening a Direct Web Channel for the CREDIT CARD ISSUING System