Credit Card Requests

In order to speed up and automate mass adaptation of documentation to the customer’s INTERNET MARKETING initiatives, an operation which would otherwise be manual, the FINCONS GROUP came up with a tool for production and MANAGEMENT OF APPLICATION DOCUMENTS for requesting credit cards

The project was inspired by the bank’s need for an automatic tool for mass adaptation of application forms, applying all variations in elementary components.

The FINCONS GROUP worked on the design, implementation and delivery of the system for production and management of application documents for users on the Internet Marketing team.

The tool allows users in the Internet Marketing group to build new application forms by putting together "elementary" components: a change to one component entails a search (Impact Analysis) and regeneration of all the PDFs it affects.

There are also images and dynamic text components (such as the Source Code identifying the marketing campaign) which must be added during document creation when the component using them is referred to.

Credit Card Requests