Customised Credit Cards

One of the FINCONS GROUP’s projects responded to the need of a customer in the banking sector to develop a new business area for CUSTOMISATION of CREDIT CARDS using images chosen by the customer from a predefined or custom image gallery

The FINCONS GROUP’s application enabled the diversification of the bank’s range of products and services to include an innovative service for retention of existing clientele and for attracting prospects.

The project involved development of an open application over the Internet and Intranet.

In the first case, the application allows management to administrate the service correctly, in terms of definition of the products to which the service may be applied, definition of images, approval or rejection of customers’ requests, pricing management and integration with the systems used by the company that prints the cards.

The publicly-accessible Internet application allows customers to participate in the new system in terms of range of applicability, customisation of cards, filling in forms for master data (prospects) and the automatic generation of application forms for participating in the service.

Customised Credit Cards