Corporate Portal

The FINCONS GROUP participated in application development in the first phase of an e-banking project for Banca del Gottardo

The Internet application allows customers to view banking statements and make payments online.

The FINCONS GROUP designed and developed the CORPORATE PORTAL system: designed for PRIVATE BANKING consultants and developed using advanced technological solutions and cutting-edge software engineering, it allows users to access an overview of information on an individual customer drawn from different sources and processes in the company via a simple, intuitive user interface.

At the same time, the consultant can also use operative services (payments, securities, fiduciaries, ...) and CRM (Prospect opening and management, master data management, contract management, up-selling, ...) to work with customers and executive dashboards presenting the situation and trends in the customer portfolio and suggesting tasks to be performed (document management, accounts payable, orders, due dates, profitability, contacts, ...).

The system also offers a sophisticated profiling and advisory procedure for offering customised investment proposals. The Portal was developed over 7000 man/days in 4 years (2004-2007).

Since January 2005 the Group has been in charge of Application Management and level two Help-Desk services for the portal.

Corporate Portal