Feasibility Studies

The development plan of a SIM for a banking customer’s stock brokerage company involved opening a new branch abroad

As part of the process of conversion of the SIM for a PRIVATE BANK, enriching the range of services on offer with typical Retail products, the FINCONS GROUP conducted a feasibility study involving gap analysis between the company’s information system and a banking information system.

This was carried out to identify the changes needed to allow the company’s information system platform to handle Private Banking transactions in compliance with local legislation.

The bank’s priorities included adaptation of the existing application platform, software development strategies, renewing technological architecture for services to guarantee evolution of functions and applications.

The FINCONS GROUP was assigned the task of conducting a feasibility study through assessment of the bank’s existing system, collection of technical/architectural and application requirements for the target system in order to design the system and the migration scenario, provide an estimate and plan out the tasks required to converge toward the target system.

Feasibility Studies