System Localisation

A banking customer decided to decentralise its information systems in other countries and faced the problem of localisation and installation in various countries of a system currently used in the UK, which in turn consisted of 4 subsystems

The FINCONS GROUP was entrusted with localisation of the Private Banking system and the system for links with other banks.

The Private Banking application, developed in the UK using Java technology in the Websphere, Sun Solaris and Oracle environments, dialogues with the bank’s central system on an AS/400 platform via the Olyserv interface (on AS/400).
The second application permitting dialogue with other banks and financial institutions, developed in the VB/Oracle environment, dialogues with the central system via MQ Series and Oracle Transport Gateway.

In the first case the FINCONS GROUP installed the system in Italy, tested and debugged the software and above all the links with the central system, corrected the Italian translation, tested the system with users and finally began operation. In the second case the Group was asked to translate the system into Italian, check localisation and conduct tests and commissioning.

System Localisation