ENDEAVOUR - Di Grandi Group

SAP Fast Start for Group internationalization

ENDEAVOUR - Di Grandi Group

In order to meet the customer's needs, which were similar to other Small and Medium Enterprises, FINCONS GROUP formed dedicated project teams that were highly qualified in dealing with SMEs.

This guaranteed an immediate understanding of customer needs, and added value, with the teams' mature experience on numerous national and international projects and in leveraging the Group's diffuse presence throughout Italy and Switzerland.This is the basis for Di Grandi Group’s choice of the solution to be adopted and the selection of FINCONS GROUP as a partner.

FINCONS GROUP’s many years of experience and its ability to relate with small and medium enterprises, combined with its past experience with major international groups, meant it could help Di Grandi Group develop a broader organizational plan, and thanks to the commitment of Di Grandi ownership, the choice was a success.

Key points of the implementation were:

  • managing the purchasing process for cement and rebar transported by sea;
  • logistical management of ship unloading activities at port and customs clearance activities;
  • logistical and cost management of truck transport;
  • active management of the billing process and intercompany services.