Implementation of a new Recipe Management system

Within the framework of the existing SAP installation, the project aimed to enhance the PLM system and implement the new RM (Recipe Management) module designed to support pre-industrial and/or innovation R&D activities

The customer had started the project to unify recipe management tools within the R&D process for new products and needed a new, easy to use system to enable easy access to data.

This would ensure the best possible integration between different international laboratories, and the quickest collection of all production-related documents.
The project, which lasted about four months, enabled the customer to:

  • Create and modify recipes, formulas and manufacturing processes, even for multi-phase processes
  • Share data (substances, recipes, formulas, processes) in a controlled way, among the various laboratories
  • Create and modify processes and the relevant process elements 
  • Map and manage equipment requests during the process phases 
  • Manage laboratory tests by means of the Trial technique
  • Fully monitor substances, ingredients and materials according to the legal lists regarding potentially hazardous material or the possible presence of allergenic components
  • Set-up a complete product history and file each recipe, formula, substance and laboratory test in a single information database which is fast and easy to use

Implementation of a new Recipe Management system