Coinsurance Claims Management

The FINCONS GROUP managed the “Gestione Sinistri in Coassicurazione” (Coinsurance Claims Management) projects for its customer Vittoria Assicurazioni, an insurance company operating in all risk assurance branches since 1921, boasting long-term experience in the provision of insurance coverage to individuals, households and companies

The project involves a solution to manage co-insurance information for the VEHICLE and RE claims of the company. The main functions include:

  • Management of data sent to ANIA (notifications of claims, payments and denials of the relevant accounting period and related cancellations/reversals),
  • Viewing of transfer summaries or of detailed transfers, integrated with the “NewAge Sinistri” system,
  • Management of Lists, i.e. of the whole batch and on-line functions targeted to the production of Reports, (both ANIA-compliant and not ANIA-compliant) and of the relevant display and printout,
  • Management of financial regulations, aimed at producing the relevant reports,
  • Error management, for the uploading and consultation of error flows from ANIA,
  • Management of disputes, namely the whole batch and online functions for the uploading/generation of disputes to/from ANIA.