Communication Management System

This constitutes the Web-based management solution to written communications originating from the Company (Head offices, Settlement offices, etc.) and addressed to external partners (customers, assessors/surveyors network, agencies, etc.)

Due to its high integration capability with the Company Legacy Systems, this solution provides an easily implemented instrument for end users' business processes, contributing to streamline the currently paper-based procedures and to dematerialize communications.

The portal interacts with internal and external providers, to manage communication through the following means:

  • Paper mail (Letters and Registered Letters)
  • Electronic mail
  • Fax
  • Sms

Moreover, it manages the filing, retrieval and reporting of sent documents. Customized solutions (advertising SMS, SMS alerts at preset times, sending of circular letters, integration with numerous Company Systems, etc.) can be easily implemented according to the customer requirements leveraging its open and flexible architecture.

Communication Management System