Multimedia Advertising

From Roadshow to Billing

Multimedia Advertising

The proliferation of content distribution platforms represents a challenge for the advertising sector: if on the one hand, traditional advertising has recorded a heavy downturn, on the other, internet advertising is in continual ascent.
In order to deal with such a digital transformation and to capitalise new monetisation opportunities of the advertising inventory,  leading media operators are innovating their typical working model by managing a multiplatform and dynamic offer.

FINCONS GROUP has long term collaborations in this area with leading advertising sales agencies in Europe, supporting the transformation of systems for orders and prospects management, advertising placement and sales forecast.

The variety of platforms and devices with which consumers are reached today is changing the advertising approach, from “Channel-driven”, where distinct and dedicated campaigns are generated for different channels, to “Advertiser-centric”, where objectives and products are defined since the beginning in multi-channel campaigns including main channels – TV or press – and online ones.

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