Multi-Screen Video Services

From Broadcast to Broadband

Multi-Screen Video Services

The convergence of Broadband and Broadcast has generated the opportunity for new user experiences and new services, implying  a strong transformation in consumer’s behaviour and expectations, with a growing request of on-demand content available at anytime  on any device.
There is therefore a need for media companies to take advantage of this trend in order to strengthen their position in the evolving media ecosystem, redefining their priorities and shaping their role, offer and go-to market strategies.

FINCONS GROUP collaborates, since more than two decades, with leading media players on the realisation of platforms enabling multi-screen offers, both for linear and on-demand content, integrating new and traditional processes and technologies, towards a unique Digital Supply Chain, and introducing innovative solutions in the area of digital asset management.

The new wave of multi-screen video distribution needs not only to be available on a variety of platforms, devices and business models, but also to be efficient and cost effective. Innovative solutions have to be introduced for flexible content packaging and metadata management, orchestration of multi-media preparation processes, content usage reporting and analytics, coherent user experience on multi-devices.



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