Prepaid SIM Cards

In 2003 a group offering all-round telecommunications services including fixed and mobile telephony, internet access, multimedia and office systems solutions began re-engineering its principal business processes and porting all application supporting management processes for prepaid SIM cards through the interbank system from a Mainframe environment to the Java Enterprise platform

The systems involved include: management of on-line topping up of prepaid cards via ATM, Lottomatica and Totobit, automatic topping up charged to bank accounts or credit cards and management of international roaming charges.

The principal requirement of this project was to ensure the system's optimal performance even under highly critical load conditions. The ATM request application alone requires response times of less than a millisecond, with about 80 transactions per second.

The FINCONS GROUP provided program and project management services, as well as delivery management for two years, supervising the work of all the suppliers involved in the project and directly creating the executive architecture for all systems.

The project made full use of all J2EE technologies with intensive use of EJB, Entity Bean, Session Bean and Message Bean on an Oracle, BEA and Sun Ultra Enterprise 15000 platform in a multicluster configuration.
The system is now in operation in the customer’s Padua offices, hosted on a 4 Cluster Sun 15000 system designed and created by the FINCONS GROUP, which oversaw deployment of the application and training of the customer’s staff and currently provides Siemens with specialised assistance using the application.

Prepaid SIM Cards