Server consolidation

The Information System of one of the Italian government’s most important organisations has grown considerably in recent years as a result of the growing role played by information technology in Central Public Administration

The prevalence of Microsoft technologies and use of commercially available products from numerous Italian and international suppliers has given rise to the well-known phenomenon of server proliferation.
In 2003 the customer’s data processing infrastructure consisted of more than 45 different servers, with an average of only 1.5 applications per machine, clearly dispersing resources and adding to operating costs.
In the last quarter of 2003 the FINCONS GROUP conducted a feasibility study for identification of a solution permitting consolidation of the 45 servers into only 4 servers of a higher class.

The SERVER CONSOLIDATION PROJECT was completed in 2004, with technical assistance from the FINCONS GROUP, on the basis of the results of the feasibility study.
The existing system makes highly efficient use of 4 IBM X445 systems on which the VMWare ESX virtualisation system is installed. The storage systems used an SAN produced using EMC2 technology.

At the same time as consolidation of the infrastructure, a process of migration to the open Linux platform was begun which was positively received in the political sphere.
The FINCONS GROUP supplied design and technical assistance services and trained the customer’s personnel.

Server consolidation