Taxation management based on fiscal business income

Development of a custom-specific information system to manage corporate taxation of fiscal business income, namely IRES (Italian Corporate Income Tax) and IRAP (Italian Regional Tax on Productive Activities)

The leading Italian postal service operator, providing integrated services and products in the field of communications, logistics and finance all over the national territory, entrusted the FINCONS GROUP with a project for the development of a custom-specific information system on a web platform, to manage processes concerning direct taxation.


  • Manage all tax processes, in a structured and consistent way, by extracting and processing the accounting data coming from the SAP accounting system,
  • Enable the correct management of the different tax operations, through an effective configuration of user profiles,
  • Store tax data in the database, which can be viewed also after an extended period, separating data by company, fiscal year and reference scenario (quarter),
  • Facilitate and accelerate the management and calculation processes to support quarterly closing operations.

Supported processes:

  • Balance sheet data retrieval from the SAP accounting system,
  • Data versioning to allow differentiated data processing by period/user,
  • Calculation of both permanent and temporary taxable base variations,
  • Calculation of current, pre-paid and deferred taxes (IRES and IRAP) to factor in during determination of net profit,
  • Operational reporting, supporting tax users for a detailed analysis of the data managed and processed by the system.