Monitoring long-term plans

New European Union directives governing infrastructure security recommend the adaptation of road and rail networks

Some years ago Europe’s leading operator and manager of toll motorways began a plan for adaptation of practically all the tunnels present in the motorway grid it manages.

The adaptation programme is financed by a series of long-term investment plans.
The technical and financial resources are assigned through a series of stages beginning with feasibility studies and ending with definition of a preliminary plan culminating in a final project and management of the resulting tender.

The customer commissioned the FINCONS GROUP to create a system to support management in monitoring long term plans for tunnel adaptation. The application was implemented using Artemis 7. This enable the creation of a strategic planning, scheduling and control system complete with executive dashboards in a very brief time frame.

In 2005 and 2006 the application was extended to monitoring other initiatives the customer had for integration with the ERP SAP system.