IT Innovation

Getting ahead in today's fast-paced business requires companies to be flexible, and agile, and keep an open mind.

FINCONS GROUP has always invested in Research and Innovation

Innovation implies embracing new business models and adopting emerging technologies.

Research and Innovation have galvanised our business. They have helped the Group to stay abreast of the market, and gain relevant experience to respond swiftly and maximise value to customers.

FINCONS GROUP partners with market leaders to provide next-generation solutions. It joins research projects to gain insight into emerging technology, and further expand and strengthen its network of leading European businesses and research centres. 


FINCONS Group builds on long-standing collaborations with top ranking Research Centres, and National and International Universities

  • IRT and Fraunhofer FOKUS - German Research Institutes with an established reputation across Europe, and a focus on the media market.
  • The Polytechnic University of Bari and Milan rolling out Special Interest Groups, - I3-VLab, and the INTEROP-VLab on the Internet of Things in Manufacturing.
  • A European network of academics, research centres and ground-breaking companies drafting research proposals within the framework of the EU's flagship research and innovation programme, Horizon 2020.

Research and Innovation

A Unit and a Lab broaden the impact of the Group’s expertise:

  • The International Business Development Unit scouts new markets, and teams up with key international vendors to unleash the potential of technology; 
  • The Innovation Lab thinks outside the box to foster strategic innovation and stay ahead of the curve.