Nab Show 2018

Fincons Group  exhibited  at the NAB Show in Las Vegas (NV) April 9-12, as well as participating in a full schedule of speeches and events.

Fincons Group showcased both its latest success stories and its recent achievements coming from research and innovation initiatives.

Thanks to a deep experience in the Media & Entertainment Industry, Fincons supports MVPDs, OTT providers and broadcasters to supercharge their platforms to deliver greater personalization and interactivity, enable cutting-edge advertising and monetization paradigms, and launching innovative digital products to a growing audience across new geographies and demographics.

Fincons presented with two of its top clients, Mediaset and The Associated Press, on April 9th and the 11th respectively, the value of their partnership, focusing on topics such as addressable and interactive advertising and digital business transformation for the distribution of breaking news.

In addition to showcasing many successful projects where Fincons built end-to-end platforms to enable new generation OTT TV services, the show has been an opportunity to introduce innovative Artificial Intelligence applications that are currently launching.

Michele Moretti, CEO Fincons Group, commented, “We’re delighted to exhibit at NAB presenting our most brilliant achievements in the media industry. This is an international stage on which to show the innovation that we’ve been delivering to our clients and that has earned us global acclaim from key analysts”.