FINCONS GROUP brings the theatrical experience within the company

FinconsTekne, following the success of the performance "Oltre… il…Mare" (“Beyond…the…Sea”) - June 2014 - TeatrOreno in Vimercate - and in the certainty of the cultural value of the project, proposed an encore in Bari, at the Teatro Forma, on Wednesday, May 13th at 9.00 p.m..

The project, focused on reading, retextualization and the mise-en-scene of a particularly significant literary text, was created and managed by Anna Maria Delzotti Moretti, director in collaboration with Andrea Cavarra.
The workshop started from a research based on a word processing of a text, implicated the cognitive-emotional sphere of the actors, starting a personal growth as well as the enhance of its own experience.

The noteworthy and voluntary responsibility of the protagonists, who offered their free time after the usual working time, was particularly appreciated by the Property, which has always recognized the Passion as one of its fundamental principle.

In this context Passion affects elements and areas different from the daily ones, integrating the own cultural vision through the practice of the theatrical art.

The show was open to FINCONS GROUP’s customers, to the leading personalities of the territory, as well as to employees of the Bari office.
For additional information write to marketing@finconsgroup.com.

Anna Maria Delzotti Moretti: “A better self-awareness is translated in a new way to approach interpersonal relationships, also in the company, thanks to a more complete cultural and relational training."

Michele Moretti: “In the forced cohabitation of the working group, the activity is merged with the each one’s experience, allowing considerations about group dynamics and ability to be a team, giving up own charachter."


Business, processes, technology and … Theatre!

Grow up together in the Innovation,

testing also unconventional educational paths.

FINCONS GROUP brings the theatrical experience within the company