Growing and Innovating in a Recession

Bari, January 16th 2009 -  The event  “Growing and Innovating in a Recession" took place in Bari.

Political and economist delegates had participated at the event “Growing and Innovating in a Recession”, organized by FINCONS GROUP in Bari.

The participants at the event: Michele Moretti (FINCONS GROUP CEO), Roberto Lorusso (FINCONS SUD CEO and VISION Business School Director), Gaetano Quagliariello Senator (Vicar Vice Presidente of PDL Group at the Senate), Alessandro Laterza (President of Confindustria Bari), Sandro Ambrosi (President of Confcommercio Bari), Giacomo Ruggeri (President of Confcooperative Puglia).

Different issues have been discussed during the debate (from economic politics to the politics’ role, without forgetting the human factor); in a recession period the importance of technological and organizational innovation comes out as and important factor to improve revenue and productivity.

"Slumps are a breathing space and a learning moment where companies can grow and innovate. The recession period is for businessmen an opportunity to analyse own work in behalf of grow and competitiveness of the Country.” Roberto Lorusso said.