FINCONS GROUP has joined ARMESI, the implementing authority of the Research Strategic Plans for Italian Technological Alliances, of which Assoknowledge is the Chairman.

The Agency, initially formed to oversee and manage the implementation aspects of the Italian Technology Alliance for Electric Mobility, was subsequently extended to members of the other 9 Alliances, of which Assoknowledge is the Chairman.

The Alliances are:

  • The Group of Enabling Technologies:
             Sources and Photonic Sensors
             Solid-state Lighting
  • The Group of Energy ones:
             Geothermal Energy
             Solar Energy with Concentration Technologies
             Sustainable Waste Management
  • The Group of Application ones:
             Product’s Innovation
             Electric Mobility
             Biometric Technologies
             Wellness and Quality of Health

The Agency, in order to realize its mission, has started a project called "Grande Melo" (Big Apple Tree), which is based on three pillars: ICT technologies, sustainable mobility and renewable energies. The project aims to carry out a redesign of the territory through an innovative implementation and delivery model  of services to citizens.
Thanks to the association, FINCONS GROUP will participate in value added projects’ realisation, taking advantage of the experience consolidated within the Business Units, including the implementation of "turnkey" cities through the "Grande Melo" project, and the Group will be part of a network that includes some of the most innovative companies of different industries.