FINCONS GROUP is the strategic partner of MicroStrategy

The more complete Business Intelligence platform and the more advanced solution for Information-driven Mobile App

FINCONS GROUP is the strategical partner of MicroStrategy for marketing and distribution of software platforms at enterprise level: flexible, scalable and user-friendly platforms, both on premise and on cloud.

MicroStrategy is leader for the offering of Business Intelligence solutions that allow management to make the analysis of a multitude of data and the distribution of business know-how, thanks to the production of analysis, report and dashboard. In addition, the implementation of safe mobile apps allow users to make analysis which results can be shared by mobile in each moment and in each place, managing credentials and client relationships.

In particular, the independence of the development from IOS e Android operating systems and multimedia, transactional and offline features of MicroStrategy’s mobile platform make unique this proposition for Information-driven Apps both B2B and B2C.

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FINCONS GROUP is the strategic partner of MicroStrategy