FINCONS GROUP: the Company promotes the theatre-craft

19th June 2014, drama “Oltre…il…Mare”

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In 2011, Anna Maria Delzotti - theatre director, expert in communication messages and wife of Michele Moretti - FINCONS GROUP CEO, launched the theatrical laboratory “FINCONS-TEKNE”, in order to promote a constant and progressive self improvement, confirming the Ownership’s attention on people valorization and personal (as well as professional) growth.

Since the beginning, the laboratory has been directed with the support of Andrea Cavarra, a professional actor and set designer, that collaborates with Anna Maria Delzotti in the direction and creates materials used in the scenic design.

With reference to the Laboratory, Michele Moretti states: “It is deeply involving and drives people to really know themselves; the activity merges with the experience of each individual, allowing reflections on group dynamics and the ability to be a team.”

The acting company is continuing its path, started with the reading and in-depth understanding, with the rewriting and dramatization of the chosen text.

The final performance “Oltre…il…Mare”, freely adapted from the text “Oceano Mare” by  Alessandro Baricco, is programmed for June 19th, 2014 at TeatrOreno in Oreno di Vimercate.

An heartfelt thanks to the Ownership for opening the door to a so complete art form, that combines elements such as creativity, in-depth understanding, personal interpretation and critical thinking skills, resulting in the development of skills and competencies. All that in a world that often doesn’t recognize the true values of the person.

“Get to know yourself and communicate your ideas, dreams and hopes is essential, because it’s from the merge of what you are and what you would like to be that comes the great and eternal strength of human being.” Anna Maria Delzotti

FINCONS GROUP: the Company promotes the theatre-craft