FINCONS GROUP joins the "Future Internet Content" project.

Read the white paper and its stimulating ideas for the world of Social Connected TV

Thanks to its participation in the EU-funded project for Research and Innovation "Future Internet Content" (FIcontent), FINCONS GROUP contributed to the Best Practice Guide "Developing applications for Social Connected TV - Guidelines for developers and content producers", a handbook containing detailed analysis and specific recommendations for content integrators and app developers working in the connected TV domain.

FIcontent is aimed at developing applications and services in the areas of social connected TV, smart city and games. FINCONS GROUP brought its methodologies and software development skills into the project and was able to consolidate its experience in the use of convergence technologies (MHP - Multimedia Home Platform, HbbTV - Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV) by working alongside research institutes such as IRT (Institut für Rundfunktechnik) from Munich and the Berlin-based Fraunhofer Fokus, as well as television broadcaster RBB (Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg), the public service broadcaster from Berlin.

In particular, the FIcontent project focused on building a platform based on HbbTV technology supporting the development of second screen applications to enhance the use of TVs connected to mobile devices. The goal is the enrichment of content and the provision of ever-more innovative and stimulating user experiences; FINCONS GROUP focused on the development of Social TV demo applications for sport events and interactive advertising.

Among the results achieved, now available at the Demo Lab of the FINCONS’ offices based in Vimercate, are, firstly, the "Interactive Football Match Application", which enriches the viewing experience of sport events by synchronizing television and second screens to provide the additional dimension of synchronised social TV; secondly, the "Interactive Car Advertising Application", which allows new forms of "telescopic advertising", which extends advertising on TV to mobile devices, creating a compelling new dimension of  interactive content.

FINCONS GROUP joins the "Future Internet Content" project.