FINCONS GROUP Supports Athletics

The Group is sponsor of the US Scanzorosciate Athletic.

A year full of sport for FINCONS GROUP, after the sponsorship of the Tennis Napoli Cup 2015 Tournament, the Group supports athletics as sponsor of the US Scanzorosciate Athletic.

In particular FINCONS GROUP supports the foot race and middle-distance running "Under 20" team, that counts  45 members between 6 and 20 years, someone likely to be part of the National team.

"We are proud to be sponsor of this initiative.", states Michele Moretti – CEO FINCONS GROUP, "We want to promote the sport that can teach to young people to respect the rules, the culture of hard work and commitment for a common goal. These are tools for the own personal development."

FINCONS GROUP is used to this kind of initiatives: many of them have supported different sports in Italy and Switzerland (football, volleyball, basketball) and, together with this new partnership, will be part of a wider and long-lasting program of Group Corporate Social Responsibility. FINCONS invests in initiatives aiming at a conscious process of business, for a social growth.



FINCONS GROUP Supports Athletics