Press Conference - Bari

On Tuesday, May 6 at 9:30 am, at the Mercure Hotel Villa Romanazzi Carducci, Bari, FINCONS SUD - a FINCONS GROUP Company - introduced VISION, the first SAP Business School of the Mediterranean



Tuesday May 6th, 2008 - 9.30 am


Mercure Hotel Villa Romanazzi Carducci
Bari - Via Giuseppe Capruzzi, 326

VISION is a company department dedicated to the training of resources for SAP 'Learning processes of innovation management. 
At the moment SAP is the world leading company in software solutions for business. More than 2,000 Italian companies are using SAP solutions to manage business. The school, therefore, trains specialized professionals, able to combine the specific business functions with the adequate knowledge of the "information system".

The speakers were:
Professor Antonella Rinella, Deputy Mayor of the City of Innovation Bari
Prof. Marco Barbieri, Head of Labor, cooperation and training of the Puglia Region
Ing. Abbarchi Augusto, CEO of Sap Italy
Ing. Michele Moretti, CEO FINCONS GROUP AG
Roberto Lorusso, businessman and consultant for innovation and continuous learning

FINCONS SUD, responding to the need of expansion of FINCONS GROUP, has the aim of a diffused coverage of southern Italy, through quality services and strategic solutions in order to lead successfully all companies in their innovation process.

Among the services that the FINCONS SUD offers to firms of southern Italy, there are:
- Coordination and provision of consulting activities in the managerial, organizational and technology;
- Design and development of core business solutions;
- Application management.

The program of Vision develops in the areas of the knowledge, management and modification of SAP solution Erp.
The courses are targeted to employees of companies that use SAP solutions and graduates with economics or management-science degree. The courses last 20 days and costs are between € 1.200-1.700 depending on the path followed. Partialy scholarships are granted according to a ranking selection.
The courses are held in the headquarters of FINCONS SUD - Nicotel Business Center, Via delle Violette, 12 - Modugno (BA).
For further information: Tel. 080.5833682 - Fax 080. 5,833,682.

For information:
Press Altacom netgroup - 080 4602309
Amelia Fornarelli - mailto: @ a.fornarelli - 347 8,801,553
Pino Ingrosso - mailto: @ g.ingrosso - 347 6,299,319
Simona Loconsolo - mailto: @ s.loconsole - 333 3,206,377

                               M.Barbieri, R.Lorusso, M.Moretti                              M.Moretti

                                R.Lorusso, A.Abbarchi, M.Moretti                    R.Lorusso, M.Moretti