FINCONS GROUP is HD Forum Italia partner

The Group invests in research and development of new multi-screen solutions for Digital TV 

FINCONS GROUP is HD Forum Italia partner, the association that promotes, supports and disseminates the use of audiovisual and multimedia content, high definition products and technologies.

HD Forum Italia follows the evolutionary path of high definition and it produces a series of guides, protocols and documents with specific recommendations to support producers and broadcasters. A special internal task force - a Working Group – has the primary function to promote technological developments of multiplatform audiovisual and
digital television, examining critical issues and potential of technological innovations, which in a short-term horizon will be available on the market, and offering the industry clear and unequivocal recommendations for their practical application.

FINCONS GROUP boasts an important expertise in Media sector, where the Group manages different core processes projects for important international tier-1 clients. The Group is involved in several OTT and research & innovation projects, co-funded by the European Commission, in the HbbTV field and multi-screen experience.

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FINCONS GROUP is HD Forum Italia partner