Fincons is sponsor of SALT, The Marvellous Puppet Show

As part of the Group's attention to the development of art and culture, Fincons has chosen to sponsor the theatrical project SALT, The Marvellous Puppet Show, created by the Bämsemble Company in collaboration with Zorba Officine Creative, Academy of Fine Arts, Space Seme, Academy of Fine Arts of Brera.

SALT is a representation of popular, multi-ethnic and multidisciplinary theatre, with the use of masks. The show was born from the will of the founders (Jon Kellam - actor, director, teacher and playwright, Andrea Cavarra - actor, mask and set designer, Andrea Bochicchio - actor, director and teacher) to collaborate in the creation of a theatrical project that represents a unique approach, innovative and contemporary to the Commedia dell'Arte.

The Company gathers various nationalities (Italy, United States, Germany, France, Mexico, Nepal, Korea and Spain) and various skills; its will is to represent, with its cultural and professional multiplicity, a significant example of world society.

Inspired and based on M. Cervantes' RETABLO DE LAS MERAVILLAS, published in 1615, the representation deals with the very current issues of immigration, racial discrimination and the fear of diversity in general.

Fincons is sponsor of SALT, The Marvellous Puppet Show

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