SERIN, a FINCONS GROUP company, wins the public tender for the Information Services Center of the Canton Ticino

May 2009 – SERIN a FINCONS GROUP company located in Lugano, wins the public tender "Harmonization of the Enrollment Project " for the Information Services Center of the Canton Ticino.

The project undertakes 4 resources until the end of 2010, represents the answer to organizational and operational needs expressed by the new Swiss Federal Law on the harmonization of the enrollments (LArRA),on June, 23th  2006.

The project's objectives are:

1. adjust population’s data (Movpop) to LarRA content;

2. improve Movpop, thanks to monitoring and communication data procedures for monitoring, to meet the quality standards set by law;

3. to connect data to the channel of transmission of federal data (Sedex), to ensure the data flow from the canton to the Federal Office of Statistics;

4. to assigned systematically to each person registered in Movpop the new personal federal number (NAVS13).