The First SAP Business School of the Mediterranean of FINCONS SUD, a company of FINCONS GROUP.

FINCONS SUD, a FINCONS GROUP company, increases its value offering thanks to VISION, the First SAP BUSINESS School of the Mediterranean.

VISION is a training professional school, specialized in both application development and business processes knowledge. Its offering is addressed to all companies’ resources which use SAP solutions, graduates in economics and scientific subjects, consistently with their academic path chosen.

The school goal is to answer to companies needs which use SAP ERP solutions, creating professionals with a good knowkledge in their business processes (e.g. purchase and production processes, administrative and controlling area) supported by a good information systems understanding.

VISION organizes training programs to participants to improve their specialised knowledge to use and set up SAP ERP software or to learn Abap/4 programming (proprietary language of SAP ERP platform).

In addition VISION organizes events and focus groups to discuss interesting issues with CIO and Managing Directors of small/middle companies.

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