ERP Projects

The FINCONS GROUP creates real value, proposing the SAP ERP solution and facilitating its installation in a variety of industrial contexts while maximising competitive edge and finding the right balance between governance and innovation.

As a SAP Service Partner, the FINCONS GROUP offers implementation services such as system integration and customisation, functional consulting services, end-user training and application management.

The FINCONS GROUP addresses the needs of both Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and large accounts through differentiated solutions.

The FINCONS GROUP takes a global approach, drawing on the entire Group’s diversified skills and offers customers not only process skills in individual market sectors, but technological and architectural know-how as well.

The FINCONS GROUP offers services capable of creating value for enterprises which have chosen SAP as a strategic IT solution, leveraging a consolidated implementation methodology. Beyond its wide Application Management service offering, the FINCONS GROUP has developed the Smart-shore IT Delivery Center in Bari, Italy.

ERP Projects