Fincons Fast Data Lake

Flexible and powerful Data Management Platform

The collection and the correct analysis of strategic information are activities of primary importance for a company, in order to make decision-making processes even more efficient; but many of the traditional data management solutions available on the market often show important limitations, for example not being able to easily satisfy the most modern use cases such as the management of real-time data or the integration of data coming from external sources (eg IoT, social and open data).

With the aim of responding to these needs Fincons developed Fast Data Lake, a software architecture that represents the evolution of data management platforms; a solution easy to implement and to use, fast, flexible, scalable, economical and projected to the future, thanks to the use of the most innovative standard market technologies. Available both in Cloud and On Premise and based on a set of integrated technologies selected and tested in our Lab, Fast Data Lake can be easily integrated with customizable components based on the context and customer needs.

Agnosticism – different ingestion sources, all touchpoints, volume, velocity & variety ready

Flexibility – single components can be selected to tailor each context needs; initial selection can be modified afterwards with minor impacts

Openness - Standard API ready to be integrated with all touchpoints. Your reporting/ analytics tools can still be used

Cloud ready - The solution can be deployed on premise or in a proprietary or cloud environment

Real time – with a single highly engineered procedure, data will flow from source to target with a few milliseconds delay

Low initial and run costs - Fast setup; maintenance and evolution way less expensive than traditional ETL-based systems

Low Impact - No impacts neither on performances nor on source data structure


Fincons Fast Data Lake