The Manage to Engage System

MENS – The Manage to Engage System is FINCONS GROUP's solution for business partner performance evaluation.
Its core components make it possible to measure, calculate and manage business partner performance with a tailored, flexible and rapid approach responding to different business requirements (or different application processes).


MENS core components:

Data Acquisition: collects and manages data from all types of business partners (employees, providers and clients) compatibly with each different role and business unit.

Calculation Engine: at the core of the solution, the engine guarantees users "smart&speedy" calculation parameter configuration without requiring any technical skill, therefore allowing business users complete independence throughout the process.

Data Exploitation: allows users to easily access analytical outcomes making them available in different formats (and operating systems) to each business unit, or even to external partners according to their specific requirements.




MENS' customised Incentive Compensation feature was originally developed to support complex commissions
systems typical of the Utilities industry, later applied to other industries.

Ongoing goods and services contracts (electricity, gas and VAS - Value Added Services) rely on complex partner incentive schemes that are highly dynamic and allow the business closely manage the customer lifecycle, rewarding positive behaviours (such as high consumption and VAS purchases) and penalising negative events such as missed payments. Crediting and other adjustments should also be synchronised with these events at the same time.

Smart and speedy of incentive configuration, as well as integration with SFA, CRM, Billing and Credit systems
on the one hand, and accounting and Partner systems on the other, guarantee full control of the end-to-end
integrated process and ensure a highly efficient time-to-market.