PerfomPA is the innovative software for the public administration governance, compliant with italian law - “Brunetta Reform”.

PerformPA is the software designed to make simple, fast and integrated planning and monitoring processes, assessment and communication of decisions for local governments. It 's a dashboard useful to support strategic and management decisions to improve organizational processes and to monitor the achievement of planned aims; so it is a tool able to show the efforts and results of the administration in order to create value for citizens.

PerformPA is aimed at Local Authorities of all sizes and all major law officers: Mayors and Councilors, General Directors, Directors, Organizational and Functional roles, Monitoring and Assessment bodies.

A modular solution

PerformPA is the only platform that supports the setup and management of the “Piano della Relazione delle Performance” compliant with italian Brunetta reform, through two modules:

  • Programming Form: the software is designed so that with a single data entry you produce, sequentially, the five major policy documents (“Piano delle Performance”, “Linee Programmatiche di Mandato”, “Relazione Previsionale Programmatica”, “Piano Esecutivo di Gestione”, “Piano Dettagliato degli Obiettivi”);
  • Control Form: also in this case, with a single data entry, you get the reports set for the strategic and operative monitoring (“Relazione della Performance”, “Report di Mandato”, “Report del controllo strategico”, “Report del PEG” e del “PDO”).