Over 35 years of IT Passion

The passion we have for our work and feeling part of a project: this is our thinking, that identifies the FINCONS GROUP and its growth.

The ownership presence

The ownership is directly involved in the strategy view and actively works in business management, allowing  the Group to guarantee a powerful decision-making, flexibility and careful attention to Clients’ needs and, at the same time, stability.

The Client Intimacy

These important assets allow FINCONS GROUP to work alongside the clients’ companies managers to achieve common goals, acting with passion and providing concrete responses to their needs.

This approach to partnership, working to achieve common goals and being part of a team, has allowed FINCONS GROUP to  create a client intimacy which has become part of the Group’s identity.

The Passion

Providing a service or consultancy is not just only a technical or professional issue for FINCONS GROUP. All projects are developed and carried out with passion, expertise and professionalism.

The FINCONS GROUP has shown to have passion for responses that make the difference in business management.