"1492": America!

Ticino Management

The June issue of Ticino Management (a monthly Swiss magazine which focuses on the economy, finance and culture) features an in-depth interview with Michele Moretti and Francesco Moretti, CEO and Deputy CEO at Fincons Group.

In the interview, Michele and Francesco Moretti describe the Group's internationalisation strategy, which began last year with the inauguration of the London headquarters. This continued into 2017 with the opening of the two locations in the United States (New York and Los Angeles); these new locations will be responsible for overseeing the media, banking and insurance industries.

Michele Moretti: "We are confident that we will bring our expertise of core business processes within these three sectors both to American and European customers. In addition to this we hope to benefit from the innovative and technological know-how of some of the Silicon Valley giants, as well as the numerous start-ups in the country."

Francesco Moretti: "Our success in the UK market as well as the need to further expand our horizons, (in order to keep in line with the Group's historical strategy and values), prompted us to launch new offices in the United States last January. The US was particularly appealing because of its mature market, competitive players and its cultural similarities to London. Within a few months, in early April, the project became cemented with the opening of our two new locations in New York and Los Angeles."

"1492": America!