An interview with Fincons Group's CEO and Deputy CEO


Computing, a leading Business IT publication, features a full-length interview with Michele and Francesco Moretti, our CEO and Deputy CEO.

Michele and Francesco explain how Fincons has been providing made-to-measure software and systems integration solutions since 1983 and how the strategies and different solutions provided by the Group to its clients help them keep up with digital developments in order to remain competitive.

Computing showed particular interest in the benefits of Fincons Group’s Smart-Shore Delivery Center. As explained in the interview, businesses looking to outsource IT services tended to opt for offshore models, which were considered more cost-effective than hiring on-site consultants and teams. At Fincons Group, the staff work directly with client teams on-site as well as from the smart-shore Delivery Center in Bari - Southern Italy, meaning they can provide a highly trained and technologically experienced team that shares a similar work-ethic and attitude to business to the client.

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An interview with Fincons Group's CEO and Deputy CEO