Broadcasting in the OTT world

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In the article “Broadcasting in the OTT world” on IT Pro Portal, Oliver Botti, Head of International Business Development and Innovation at Fincons Group, outlines the evolution of OTT and what this means for Broadcasters.

Oliver Botti explains how the traditional broadcasting model has been replaced by OTT apps and services, putting pressure on traditional players to keep up with the latest innovations otherwise they risk becoming irrelevant for the modern audience. In fact, modern consumers have come to expect choice, flexibility and interactivity across multiple platforms; they want to watch their favourite shows anywhere and anytime. The challenge for broadcasters is compounded further by the fact that telecom operators are partnering up with OTT providers to create compelling bundled content offers that are outside of monthly data allowances. Mr. Botti takes a deeper look into the challenge which broadcasters are facing and provides an explanation about the four key components which are shaping the future of OTT.


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Broadcasting in the OTT world